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Associazione irlandese per la letteratura comparata 
Association irlandaise de littérature comparée
Asociación irlandesa de literatura comparada
Asociación irlandesa de literatura comparada
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Comparative Courses in Ireland:
Some links, and a brief overview

The places

MA/Grad Dip in Comparative Literature, Dublin City University
M.Phil in Comparative Literature and M.Phil in Textual and Visual Studies,Trinity College Dublin
MA in Comparative and World Literature, University College Cork
MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, University of Limerick
MA in International Contemporary Literature and Media, NUI Galway

The overview

In recent years the discipline of Comparative Studies has gained a progressively higher profile in Irish academic life, as universities and academics have come to recognise the potential benefits of comparative approaches across a broad range of disciplines encompassing literature, film, languages and the Arts. This recognition led to the founding of a School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies at Dublin City University in 2003, with a range of postgraduate courses including Comparative Literature. Subsequently, the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies at Trinity College Dublin set up an M. Phil in Comparative Literature; the French department of University College Cork an MA in French and Comparative Literature (now developed into MA in Comparative and World Literature); and the Department of Languages and Cultural Studies in the University of Limerick an MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies. These have been joined by The College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies of National University of Ireland, Galway and the MA in International Contemporary Literature and Media.

These courses facilitate Irish graduates who may wish to study the possible links between subjects they have studied at undergraduate level at postgraduate level. Equally, the Comparative Literature programmes also offer opportunities for non-Irish students from Europe, the US, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia, regions of the world where Comparative Literature has been studied and researched for decades, to continue their comparative research in Ireland and engage in cross-cultural dialogue with Irish culture.

The rationale

Comparative Literature adds a critical and methodological framework to the study of the various elements that come together in the production of literary works. It examines the various relations between cultures and between literature and the Arts, music, painting and cinema in particular, while also drawing on the disciplines of sociology, politics and philosophy. Comparatists also integrate literary experience with other cultural phenomena, such as historical change and social movements. In a nutshell, Comparative Literature is the discipline of studying literature internationally, across political boundaries, time periods, languages, genres, and across the lines of demarcation between literature and other cultural productions. When studying literature internationally, Comparative Literature endeavours to demonstrate the links between cultures and individual writers within those cultures — it doesn't simply create parallels. For example, it looks for evidence of readings, encounters and criticism of writers and artists of one another, and what they subsequently set about to create themselves. At the core of Comparative Literature is the investigation of literature and of specific literary qualities, an investigation deeply engaged in cross-cultural study and recognizing the constructive role of the historical, sociological, ideological, etc., in the production of literature.
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